A firefox plugin that reacts on itineraries displayed by It adds a text-only representation of your itinerary, so you can easily copy-paste it into whatever application.

Note: The plugin does not yet select the newly inserted text as it did before (it only gets selected when you switch to another application and then come back to Firefox). Once this is working it will be announced on facebook.

It has no user interface whatsoever. TODO: Haven't figured out yet how to generate a javascript-only downloadable iCalendar entry on the fly. If you know, contact me at the email address below.

Here's an example result page.

After loading this page click on one of the red numbers 1 - 4 in the column "Details":

Note that the newly generated textual itinerary is selected, ready to copy it into the clipboard.

Use this e.g. to paste the itinerary into an iCal-event's location, to take it along when syncing to a mobile phone. (And not wasting paper!)